Customized Skin Care (Blend & Boost)

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Blend & Boost is an all in one moisturizer that is customized to suit each patient individually. After completing an online skin assessment, you will be assigned a customized blend exclusively for your personal skin concerns. By providing an assortment of different bases such as anti-aging, oily, sensitive, and moisturizing we are able to better fit each individual. In addition to the base, “Boosters” are added to target specific skin concerns in precise amounts maximizing benefits.


The simplicity of having one product, rather than a cupboard full, is especially useful for those who travel a lot.  Young men looking to keep their skin healthy and youthful are great candidates for Blend & Boost products as it eliminates the need for multiple products. The ability to simplify your skincare routine will make the whole experience more enjoyable and less of a chore. Using a single product regularly also eliminates the concern for a product going past shelf life after sitting around for months untouched.


Many people delve into skincare with lengthy regimes that can include half a dozen products or more, much of the time these products cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. For those who do have a counter full of skincare products, its important to know both the shelf life of these items as well as whether or not they contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, parabens or other irritants. Our Blend & Boost products are made in our compounding pharmacy, typically the same day, which eliminates the potential for active ingredients to lose their potency.  All Blend & Boost products are formulated without the use of parabens or fragrances. To ensure the product is used before its expiry, Blend & Boost products are dispensed in a container that holds a three months supply.

If you are interested in Blend & Boost custom moisturizers, complete the online consultation at For any further questions always feel welcome to call us at (604)544-7760, or pay us a visit at 711 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC!

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