Iron deficiency anemia

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Q: My Doctor says that I need to take iron supplements for my low iron levels. What is the best type to take?

A: Many people suffer from what is called iron deficiency anemia.  Common causes of iron deficiency anemia include: irregular menstrual cycles or some form of internal bleeding (ie: a stomach ulcer).  Symptoms include extreme fatigue, weakness, cognitive impairment and pale skin. Most people with iron deficiency anemia cannot get their required amount through diet alone and thus, iron supplements are essential.

Supplements for low iron need to be taken for at least 6 months to get your levels back to normal, then a few months after that to maintain levels. Most iron supplements on the market are either poorly absorbed (leading to higher rates of side effects and discontinuation), or they are too expensive (upwards of $90/month).  Both of these factors are a deterrent to many patients who need to be on an iron supplement on a daily basis.  In addition, there are some dietary measures that you can take such as: increasing your intake of green, leafy vegetables and limiting coffee and tea to no more than 3 cups total per day.

At the Longevity Compounding Pharmacy, we make custom iron supplements that are highly absorbed (up to 4 times better absorbed than commercially available supplements!), cost effective, and tailored for your needs.  The iron that we use is called an amino acid chelated iron. What that means is that at the molecular level, the iron is attached to two amino acids. This allows for better absorption at the small intestine level. We also include vitamin C in the mixture to aid in absorption, and methylfolate to treat low folate levels.  

If you do have any questions or concerns regarding iron deficiency or iron supplements, please contact the Longevity Compounding Pharmacy at 604-544-7760, or pay us a visit in person at 711 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Aman Grewal (Owner/Pharmacist)

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