Belladonna and Opium Suppositories

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Belladonna and Opium suppositories are used to relieve the moderate to severe pain associated with urethral spasms not responsive to non-opioid painkillers. Most patients who are on this medication will get it prescribed to them initially from their urologist and then refilled by their General Practitioner. This represents a very niche market as the amount of patients in a given population who have this condition is low. There is only one manufacturer in Canada that makes this medication.

There is currently a long-term shortage of this medication from the manufacturer, so what are these patients supposed to do if this is the only medication that helps them? Thankfully there is a compounding solution to this problem. Although opium in its raw form cannot be obtained by compounding pharmacies, Morphine can be obtained. Opium gets converted into morphine in the system. Morphine is then the active pain killing component of opium. With a simple conversion calculation, we at the Longevity Compounding Pharmacy located in New West, can make a comparable Morphine + Belladonna suppository that works similarly to the commercially available product. Another thing to note is that the compounded Morphine + Belladonna suppository is a Fair Pharmacare benefit, so patients that normally get their medications covered by Pharmacare, will get this medication covered as well. So call us at 6045447760, or pay us a visit at 711 Columbia Street New Westminster, BC if you have any questions or concerns.

Aman Grewal (Owner/Pharmacist)

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