Going on a vacation in a high altitude area?

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Then your doctor most likely would have prescribed you Azetazolamide (also known as Diamox). The only problem is that Acetazolamide is on a long term shortage from the manufacturer.  This is where Longevity Compounding Pharmacy can help.  We have the equipment, and more importantly the ingredients, to make Acetazolamide capsules in house.  So come on down to the pharmacy and get your Acetazolamide filled!

Q: I am travelling to Machu Picchu in Peru, do I need medication for altitude sickness?

A: Altitude sickness is a condition characterized by nausea, and vomiting, that is experienced upon rapidly ascending to altitudes above 1500m where oxygen levels are low. As a result, we breath rapidly to get the oxygen that we need. This causes us to exhale more carbon dioxide which increases our blood pH (becoming basic). To help alleviate this, your doctor will prescribe you Acetazolamide (aka Diamox). It works in a nutshell by causing our bodies to excrete some basic components to get our blood back within it’s pH range. It is currently on a long term shortage, so you will need to go to a compounding pharmacy to get the medication made up. Thankfully, our pharmacy makes Acetazolamide so you don’t need to travel far to find it!

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